Book Reviews

I like to read. I used to devour a book every few days as a kid. I drove my mom crazy asking for more books and more money. I learned to love the library very early. At first I read adventure stories, then I branched into the edge of fantasy books. I realized I loved historical fiction, and then started running out of free time. I took a weird hiatus from reading. It was strange, because I would go months without books, then binge read an entire series during a weekend. And so it has continued.

My most recent binge read was “The Gemini Effect” by Chuck Grossart. Its a sci-fi end of the world story written in a very compelling way. I didn’t expect to even like the book, since I don’t normally read a lot of apocalyptic stories, but this one really grabbed me. While some of the dialogue felt forced, as if the author were trying too hard with the army jargon, in other places it felt too unlikely. There was not much character development, but the ending was very satisfying. All in all, an interesting story that kept me turning pages. I don’t want to say much more than this, since the plot takes some very unexpected twists, so go read the book!