Why am I here?

As much as I may pretend otherwise, I am first and foremost a researcher. A thought crosses my mind, and off I go. I read constantly about everything. The internet gives me the power to learn a bit more about any information that is presented to me. The breadth of this information is crazy! I can find out so much about so many different things.

Of course, this isn’t anything new to anyone who lives in the here and now.

The tricky part is when there isn’t much written about whatever topic is being researched. Which leads us to the point of this blog. I have not always come across many blogs that deal with the personal things in which I am always interested. I maintain a rather large feedly account, and while there are some gems that discuss lots of relevant things, I can’t always find more than 3-5 perspectives on the issue of the moment.

And that’s the goal of this blog. I want to write about my experiences in graduate school as they happen, just in case I can provide something helpful to even one student that has the same concerns I do.

So some of the things I struggle with:

  • What am I going to do after graduate school? Should I just master out?
  • When should I think about having children?
  • Am I committed to having a science career?
  • How can I be a better mentor/teacher?
  • Are tunnel-vision interests really a problem?

Hopefully I can meet some people with similar challenges and they will share some tips. And maybe I can figure out the answers to some of these questions.


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