What’s my back up plan?

This morning on twitter I was reading this post by @Odysseyblog. They mention that many junior TT faculty are advised to have a back up plan. This post was supposed to make mid- and late-career folks think, but it caught my attention.

It makes me wonder about my back up plan. Of course, I need a primary plan first, but I thought I would brainstorm about some of my various back up plan ideas. Depending on the circumstances, some of these ‘back up plans’ become more primary.

Small liberal arts college professor- I could see myself teaching intro bio or chem and some biochemistry or special topics. I would enjoy seeing students develop.

Editor- I imagine myself helping writers clarify their message.

Consultant- This one is broad, but maybe some way to combine my scientific interests with my organizational/team skills.

Lab Manager- I am really drawn to organization and facilitating. Even though this job would be below my projected education level.

Community college lecturer- With lots of non-traditional students, CC give a large feeling of fulfillment when students learn.

High school chemistry/physics teacher- Again, student development and successes. I would definitely be more drawn to a private school, or somewhere science was valued.

Outreach director- I love communicating science with the lay person, so I could imagine some job where I designed programming.

Food for thought. I’m always looking for more ideas of things to investigate, so if you can think of any careers that might be tangential or even unrelated to this short list, leave a comment!


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